Line editing

Line editing pays attention to each paragraph and sentence to make sure the language is clean, strong, clear, tight, stylistically coherent, and readable. This is the level of editing to choose after developmental work on the story has been done and it is time to make the language as clear and engaging it can possibly be to make a book the reader can’t put down.

Line editing fees range from 3-4 cents a word.

Proofreading and copy editing

Copy editing is the last stage of editing after the line edits are done and before you submit your MS and makes sure your book is error-free. Proofreading looks at the printed proof to catch everything that wasn’t caught before.

It’s best to use a different editor for the copy-edit and proofreading stage than you used for the developmental and line editing. A copy edit will catch grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and also ensure stylistic consistency, factual accuracy, and correct formatting and citations. A proofread will make sure the final book is ready for the reader’s hands.

Copy editing rates range from 1-2 cents a word. Proofreading rates are 1 cent/word

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Short projects

For $25/page, get professional feedback on your personal statement, query letter, synopsis, book proposal, children’s book, college application, website text, grant application, or jacket copy for your book. For billing purposes, a page is considered the industry standard of a 12-pt font, 1″ margin, double-spaced typed sheet, approximately 250 words. Consultation and written feedback are included in the fee. Contact Misty about your project.

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